”Our Oneness” Global Model 

The development, a multi-faceted design originating from the name TZRA Productions. Anterio Jackson, the web designer suggested ideas and when I saw this one I knew that was the one. The name demands perusing, it is not the normal Greco-Roman, English American name. It represents a new language, a new name a new philosophy with strong historical roots—a culmination. The logo is a symbol ushering in a new expression among Us—a global language with signs and symbols reflecting a new but ancient ideology. I do not want anyone donning the shirt to be ignorant of the meaning. Our focus is not Money, it is an Idea. We want what the logo means and represents to be spread, not the shirt 

(Understanding, Unity) 



Tweek The Culture 

Our society can stand a little tweaking.  

  1. Family structure...redefining roles and membership 
  2. Government Representative Structure 
  3. Belief Systems 



Through the Youth 

  1. The Arts--Music...retool hip-hop, rap and modern R&B lyricism and any other genre needing...for our society to maintain adequate levels of cultural stability, cultural development and improvement must persist. 
  2. Awareness generation...Provide and define options through hands on experience and study. We will start with coding, marketing, manufacturing and sales. “If I think it, I can create it” 
  3. Creative Altruism...All for One, One for All...the adherence and cohesion of all great civilizations...understanding the benefits of working together. 
  4. Equality...Equality creates balance. Our oneness is exemplified through all being equal based on our contributions. The equation may be hard to find, creating the balance, however we will maintain trusting of the Universe structure and its’ conclusions. 

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