Tommy Goodwin

Tommy Goodwin's roots run deep in southwest rural Ohio near the Indiana and Kentucky borders in the tiny town of Loveland, Ohio. Yes, Loveland, Ohio depository for Cupid. The Loveland Post Office would bustle with business on Valentine's Day, quite a sight to see, all the cars lined up. Music started for Tommy in the church and continues to this day; from infancy to the present, he rocks for soothing tranquility, for his mother played the piano while he was in the womb. The music development went from pots and pans and five-gallon buckets to his first set of drums he received for his birthday. That was the beginning of the journey. His oldest brother Simeon played the guitar. He was challenged to learn guitar. Then one day, his Uncle Thomas came to visit and sat and played the piano, and from that day, he was inspired to play like him. He asked Uncle Thomas, "where did you start from," he said, "D-flat." That's all it took to begin the journey of the piano. For years he has continued his musical journey. He is here to share the knowledge for those interested in production, artist creativity, and group development. Even after entering academia, the music development continued collaborating with OSU jazz musicians and fellow students. Tommy's growth socially allowed him to have experiences that shed light on cultural and racial conflicts in the community. In the 1960s and 1970s, the congregation of the church he attended was integrated. His first pastor being a white woman, and subsequently, his Father would become the pastor; however, the congregation was predominantly white. The stereotypes are not what shaped his knowledge of whites, and it was the social interaction that developed the tolerance and acceptability of all peoples. There is only one Race of people: Humanity. This premise was substantiated in his higher learning experiences at the Ohio State University and Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He believes The truth about Race must be taught. History must be put in a truthful perspective and not be skewed for social, political, or economic gains. This website is to disseminate hypotheses based on facts, truths and to foster enriching dialogue.

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